NSRE activities will be conducted through WE&B and its subsidiaries. The founding members have a wide range of hands-on practice experience in business development, stakeholder analysis, technical management, leadership, project assurance, business governance, legal, planning and economics. In addition, there is a very large network (1st level Linkedin contacts in excess of 2000).

The majority of the experience of the founding members has been gained planning and executing from the project developer standpoint projects ranging from tens of US$ millions to US$ billions projects.  The project delivery discipline and best practices of majors such as Shell and Petrofac have proven to minimize risk and maximize shareholder value.

In addition, the deeply embedded business principles and values of honesty and integrity that are core to success in Shell and other globally admired companies are fully present in the founding members as well.The founding members fully recognizes that personal qualities such as courage, tenacity, creativity and stamina will all be important to making WE&B a success. As will customer focus, commercial acumen and technical excellence.

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